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Planet of finance Australia "G'Day from Australia"

Today, we are accelerating our international expansion and joining a consortium of finance professionals to launch Planet of finance Australia. Sydney will be the 12th location across the world to include local representation of Planet of finance, alongside our global headquarters in the Principality of Monaco.

Olivier Collombin, our founder recently said: “We are thrilled to extend Planet of finance’s physical presence to Australia. We recognize that Australia is home to a dynamic and competitive community of financial advisers that face the challenge of staying relevant in the era of digital transformation. Over 1,309 member companies across 68 countries, managing 2,723 billion USD currently use Planet of finance and its technology to connect, find expansion opportunities and prospect for new clients. Australia will be a great addition to this community.”

Planet of finance Australia is a partnership between Planet of finance and a consortium of finance and banking experts led by Michael Roberts.

This new kind of wealth management hub will launch its operations during the IFACon conference on the 7th September 2017.

We will be holding a launch event soon. You can register your interest here: 

Launch Waiting List

Join us in welcoming Australia to the Planet of finance Community.